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    Latest Events

    The Global Scale of English: A workshop in GFP

    The General Foundation Program (GFP) conducted a staff development workshop entitled the Global Scale of English (GSE) on 24th May 2018 from 12:00 to 2:00 pm in Hall B on the Second Floor. The workshop was facilitated by Ms. Hemani Naran, who is an English Language Teaching specialist at Pearson Education. In addition to GFP faculty members, the workshop was attended by the Dean, Quality Assurance Head, English Department Head, and some staff members from the English Department. Ms. Naran has shed lights on the major features of GSE that can be summarized as follows. GSE is briefly referred to as a granular scale that is utilized to measure English language proficiency progress. It is entirely based on learning objectives and could be used as a very effective tool of benchmarking. It is a progressive and detailed version of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). GSE is also linked with GSE Teacher Toolkit that helps teachers to plan their lessons and monitor their students’ progress in terms of excellence and relevance. At the end of the workshop, Mr. Mohamed El-Amin, GFP Head, encouraged the participants to implement what they took away from the workshop to improve the teaching quality in GFP. Dr. Said Eid Younes, Mazoon College Dean, presented Ms. Hemani Naran, the workshop facilitator, with a certificate of acknowledgement and a gift as a token of appreciation.  


    Department of Career Advisory Services and Department of Business & Economics arranged a field trip to Rawa Rehabilitation Centre under Ministry of Health on 30.5.18.  Around 21 students visited the centre along with Dr. Jameela Khatoon, Faculty & Head, Career Advisory Services. Dr Ameera, the psychologist welcomed all the students. The students observed children with like autism, hyperactivity, developmental problems. Dr. Ameera briefed them about several tests used to diagnose the child like FAT, Rorschach Test, C.A.R.S.  The students also interacted with the Speech Therapist and Physiotherapist and were informed about the various techniques and methods used for treating the children with physical difficulties and speech difficulties. The Head of the Centre, Dr. Mohammed Ali, accepted the proposal for sending the students for the training in their centre.

    National Level Seminar on "Advanced Trends in Information and Communication Technology"

    The National Level Seminar on “Advanced Trends in Information and Communication Technology” was held at Mazoon College, organized by Department of Computer Science and Research Centre on 26/04/2018. Dr. Said Eid Younes, Dean, Mazoon College welcomed the gathering. Followed by the keynote address titled “OMREN Role in HE – Oman” was given by Dr. Abdulmonem Al Kharusi, Director of OMREN. The eminent speakers, invited from renowned institutions, gave lectures on the following topics. Dr. Abderezak Touzene, Associate Professor, Sultan Qaboos University gave the lecture in the area of “Mobile Cloud Offloading”. Dr. Huda Al Shuaily, HOD-IT, Higher College Technology delivered the presentation titled “Use of Technology in Education”. Dr. Haniffa Mohamed Nasir, Assistant Professor, Sultan Qaboos University has given the research oriented lecture on “Wonders with Python”. Dr. S. Arockiasamy, Acting Dean, CEMIS, University of Nizwa has presented the recent technology concepts of “Block Chain Technology”: Software Platform for Digital Assets”. The participants who attended in this seminar were from various institutions of repute.   

    Upcoming Events

    Jun 27
    Personality Development & Communication

    Department of Business and Economics is organizing a seminar on ‘‘Personality Development & Communication’’ on 27/6/2018  at 10.00-10.00 (Venue: C 304).

    Jul 03
    Trending IoT Usecases and Tools

    Department of CS & IT is organizing a Seminar on  “Trending IoT Usecases and Tools” on 03/07/2018 at L203.

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    Mazoon College

    Mazoon College is a private academic institution that has operated under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education since 1997. It was established to provide higher education nationally and internationally in different fields. At present, it has thirteen programs at undergraduate level and three programs at postgraduate level. The College gives high school graduates, international students, and employees the chance to gain the educational skills and the high technology to cope with the ever-changing modern development. The College, from its first establishment, has made firm steps towards the qualitative development of its performance to provide prestigious services. It is also aware of the need to conduct full review and continuous evaluation of its progression. It always seeks to provide itself with high quality academic and administrative staff and the addition of new majors required by the community and to develop its already existing capabilities.

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