Student Affairs Department

The Students’ Affairs Department wishes you all a pleasant and fruitful stay at Mazoon University College. As an educational institution, we would try to accommodate your needs, meet your demands and satisfy your curiosity for learning. 

As an integral part of this institution, the Students’ Affairs Department has conscientiously devoted its time and effort in bringing out the best in every student who comes and study with us. Opportunities for learning are varied and focused on developing the students’ emotional, social, physical as well as intellectual aspects. 

This year’s theme would be to enhance students’ competency especially in their own fields of study by: 


  • Intensifying in-house training
  • Providing tutorial and remedial courses for the “academically deficient students”
  • Providing opportunities for every students who are willing to volunteer for various tasks designed to help fellow students or others to exhibit their skills and sharpen their potentials
  • Encouraging students to get more involved in extra-curricular activities in and off campus
  • Promoting a “Wellness Program” for all members of Mazoon Community in order to enhance productivity and promote a healthy teaching and learning environment
  • Closing or minimizing the gap between the students’ Intellectual capacity and their ability to perform productively by strengthening and enhancing Academic Advising, and through membership with any of the Clubs (Psychology, English, IT, International, Business)
  • In the near future, the college will also provide sports activities for students to enjoy their time productively while they’re free.


Director - Student Affairs
Contact #: 23513381, 23513323