Academic Year 2016-17


The Department of Business & Economics is a prestigious department of Mazoon College. It offers MBA Program (affiliated to Banasthali University, India) , Four Degree Programs (Accounting, Business Administration, Economics and Psychology) and two Associate Degree Programs (Accounting & Business Administration) We have Minor programs in Business Administration ( Marketing/ Finance) and in Economics ( Energy Economics/ International Economics). All our Undergraduate programs are affiliated to Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA. The courses are offered both on full-time and part-time basis.  Moreover, students belonging to other majors also enroll for courses offered by the Department as part of their curriculum requirement.


The mission of the Department of Business & Economics is to educate a cadre of dynamic and enterprising graduates and post graduates with requisite academic knowledge which will enable them to serve efficiently in public and private sectors locally, regionally and internationally. The department is committed to fostering an active learning-centered environment to provide high quality education in tune with the growing academic needs of Omani students.

The Graduate Attributes we emphasize through our programs are Knowledge & Technical competency, Analytical & practical problem-solving skills, Research skills, Social Responsibility & Cultural adaptability, Entrepreneurial aptitude & Leadership traits, abstract and critical thinking skills

Goals and objectives

Goals and objectives that support the mission of the Department are:

Goal 1. To provide quality instruction by ensuring that teaching and learning processes meet the requirements of effectiveness, efficiency, and appropriateness. This goal is accomplished by

  1. Imparting quality education .
  2. Making use of effective teaching methodologies and pedagogical techniques
  3. Appointing qualified and committed teaching staff
  4. placing students in decision-making roles, case studies and role-playing.

Goal 2. To offer an academically strong program which prepare students for careers in the workplace locally and internationally. This goal is achieved by

  1. maintaining a curriculum that is current and complete,
  2. developing new courses,
  3. increasing student exposure to unique and challenging problems in the modern Omani  environment,
  4. promoting peer discussions and vigorous exchange of ideas on subjects pertinent to contemporary practices.

Goal 3. To ensure that students receive an integrated learning experience which meet with the requirements of the marketplace and the responsibilities of citizenship. This goal is attained by

  1. strengthening recruiting efforts of the department to attract new faculty members who support the values and standards of world-class education;
  2. constantly monitoring students’ satisfaction levels through end-of-semester surveys;
  3. Developing curricula so that they reflect demands of the marketplace, are compatible with the visionary identity of the College, and provide significant real world exposure through project work.