Department 0f English


The Department of English is an integral part of Mazoon College which provides the foundation of language to all students in the college on undergraduate and graduate levels. Reading, writing and analytical thinking skills are taught through basic grammar and linguistic courses, writing courses on expository essay, courses on speech and media studies, poetry, fiction and drama. The department offers a whole range of literature courses from all periods, from all genres of British and American literatures in consultation with the Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA.

The department promotes the scholarly, pedagogical, and creative achievements of faculty and students by encouraging them to participate in seminars and various program.


The mission of Mazoon College’s Academic English Faculty is to encourage and educate promising students of all backgrounds. We develop a sound curriculum which meets the needs of the students making them proud of their success. The aim of this education is the development of citizens with a high standard of English to lead and serve in every sector of Omani life whether personal, local or national.

The English language program at MC is carefully designed to develop the four language skills of students (listening, speaking, reading and writing). It also helps students to gain a sound knowledge and understanding of the English language and a range of British and American literatures.

In general, the English Program, in both the Diploma and the Bachelor Degrees, focuses on the writing theories, communication skills, literature and Linguistics. English Department focuses its attention on the quality of practices through continuous discussion with other educational bodies and institutions. Communicating with the professional organizations to benefit the students is an essential part of Departmental practice.

Graduate Attributes:

A student with a graduate degree in English Major from Mazoon college is expected to adopt expertise in the subject that will enable them to be competent candidates in the Oman economy. The department provides with orientation program and ample practice opportunities to comprehend the language in all its aspects. The students are made capable of being successful professionals to compete more effectively for jobs after graduation. This program is designed to boost the personality of students with optimum level of confidence and knowledge in English.


The English Department aims to give students a wide knowledge and understanding of the different genres of English Literature from Old English to the present day. In this program, we plan to provide a cultural foundation which is important to all students. English graduates will receive the intellectual training which equips them for a wide variety of careers.


English majors of Mazoon College should have:

  1. Communication and analytical skills in both oral and written English applicable to a wide range of professional fields.
  2. The capacity for individual critical approaches.
  3. The ability to think independently and originally.


  1. English graduates should be able to use the English Language effectively and correctly in both its written and spoken forms.
  2. English majors will be able to read (analyze, interpret, critique, evaluate) literary texts, in a variety of styles and genres.
  3. English students will be familiar with the historical and cultural background to the works they are studying.
  4. English students should gain an enhanced appreciation and enjoyment of literature and language.