Computer Science and Information Technology


The Department of computer science and IT prepares the students to be well-qualified specialist in computer science in order to meet the high demands of administrative skills in this field. The role of the department is to put s student in an internationally acceptable position by training her/him of how to adapt with modern computer technology.


As a constituent unit in the academic mission of the Mazoon College, the Department of Computer Science is responsible for the design, implementation, and periodic updating of a high quality educational environment in computer science. It is also committed to contributing to knowledge in both fundamental and applied areas of computer science. In performing these tasks, the Department maintains an awareness of current needs, and anticipated future needs of the community that it serves. It also recognizes the growing interdisciplinary nature of computer science.

In its undergraduate program, the Department is committed to providing a strong background in the fundamentals of computer science to foster intellectual maturity, to emphasize knowledge that is relevant to technological and business needs, and to prepare the student for advanced studies. In its graduate education, the Department is committed to promoting leading edge research in the major areas of computer science and to providing its students with an enriched research experience relevant to an industrial or academic career.

Graduate Attributes

  1. Be able to use a range of programming languages and tools to develop computer programs and systems that are effective solutions to problems.
  2. Be able to understand, design, and analyse precise specifications of algorithms, procedures, and interaction behaviour.
  3. Be able to apply mathematics, logic, and statistics to the design, development, and analysis of software systems.
  4. Be equipped with a range of fundamental principles of Computer Science that will provide the basis for future learning and enable them to adapt to the constant rapid development of the field.
  5. Have experience of working in teams to build software systems.


The following goals were developed as a reflection of the Computer Science programs philosophy and mission.  Computer Science graduate students will demonstrate competence in problem solving based on the application of logic and mathematics to developing, adapting and understanding algorithms and data.

The students will be able to employ the following components of the scientific method:

  1. Understanding of a problem
  2. Formal specification of a problem
  3. Experimental design
  4. Implementation of a solution
  5. Output data analysis
  6. Communication of results

The students will graduate with an understanding and appreciation of the connections between levels of design and organization as they pertain to systems, interface, software, hardware, networks and operating systems. Computer Science graduate students will be able to thoughtfully communicate and integrate ideas in both oral and written form. The students will graduate with proficiency in design, computer programming, and machine organization. Computer Science graduate students will be able to work effectively in groups as both leaders and collaborators. The students will graduate with an appreciation of the complexity and ambiguity of ethical issues relevant to the development, acquisition, dissemination, and responsible use of technology and be able to apply ethical principles in their personal and professional lives. The Computer Science Department programs will encourage intellectual engagement leading to lifelong learning and independent research. Computer Science graduate students will be grounded in theory so that they can keep up with the dynamic changes in technology.


  1. To teach students the underlying fundamentals of computer software, computer hardware, computer-related mathematical systems and how computer interact with the rest of society.
  2. To encourage graduates of the programme to go into self employment by creating their own computer-based businesses, for example: local and off-shore software development and maintenance; computer hardware system assembling, repair and maintenance and in new emerging computer services like Web-hosting and publishing services, desktop publishing services, information provision services, computer design services, and e-commerce services.
  3. To create opportunities for students to apply their theoretical knowledge through work-study and practicum programmes.
  4. To develop in students the ability to think critically and to develop the highest levels of human values.
  5. To encourage students to appreciate the dignity of labour through work-study programme.

Goal Achievements

After completion of the course, the students are placed in various industry, Government and private sector. Some students have started their own business. We are also in the process of getting feedback from the employers with the help of some tools. A Centre for Continuing Technical Education (CCTE) at Mazoon College has been established recently and the center’s mission is to train the students in the current technology as to fit him in the job market. Our plan is to activate this center as it plays a vital role in bridging the gap between academia and industry requirements in cooperation with others. Currently this centre is offering ICDL Certification, Oracle Short courses, CISCO Certifications like CCNA and few Microsoft courses.